Steel Mill Equipment

Steel Mill Equipment



  • Specially suitable for the demands in the steel mill and steel producing industries, scrap yards and foundries
  • Comprehensive product range for all hand cutting and scarfing applications
  • Cutting range heavy duty cutting torches to 27 1/2 inch (700 mm)
  • For Acetylene, Propane, Methane, MAPP®


  • Heavy duty cutting torches for hand cutting and the splitting of steel scrap
  • Powder feed equipment
  • Hand scarfing torches to deal with cracks, inclusions and local defects
  • Powder hand torches for high alloyed steels and cast iron
  • Powder machine cutting torches
  • Oxygen lances for hole piercing and for cutting of non-ferrous metals and slag
  • Powder distributors


  • Robust, stabile design meets the special demands and safety regulations of the steel mill industry
  • Special units for scrap cutting and hole piercing of low alloyed steels as well as slag and the processing of fire resistant coatings and concrete
  • Continuous quality control guarantees optimum application possibilities